Rubaya Implementation Trip | In-Country Support

Our in-country support system has been incredible. While the community members are helping by being the labor force on site, the students from ULK Polytechnic Institute are helping bridge the communication gap between the community and EWB team. Both our team members, Mira and Patrick have found them enthusiastic and eager to learn as well as extremely helpful with transfer of technical knowledge between EWB members and the community.

Feature Photo: Interns clicking selfies with the community kids


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Rubaya Implementation Trip | Week I Technical Field Notes

From New York’s cold temperatures of around 40s Rubaya 1 crossed over to summer with temperatures in the 80s. The two traveling members, Mira and Patrick have made great progress since their arrival in Rwanda. Also, they have truly lived up to the essence of Engineers Week, which coincidentally aligned with the project’s first week of implementation.

On their arrival they had a successful meeting with in-country contacts – Bonaventure, Gilbert and Emmanuel. With their help, the EWB members procured materials from quincaillerie, i.e. the hardware store and finally completed the last leg of their journey to Rubaya.

There are some cool pictures on the flip side to show how the team has been getting closer to the storage facility each day, so click below and explore:

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Rubaya Implementation Trip | Pre-departure Field Notes


Mira and Patrick, also known as Rubaya 1 took flight from JFK or the ‘Kennedy Flight Center’ as one of the team members, Mike B. puts it. After travelling for over 20 hours they arrived in Kigali safe and sound. But even before their departure, the Rubaya team already started breaking ground for implementation. To know more about all that has been accomplished before this momentous picture was taken, click below:

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EWB Rubaya | Implementation Trip

After two years of diligent planning, designing and putting together the Pre-Trip Implementation Plan, the Rubaya project team has gained EWB-USA approval and is all set to embark on the most rewarding trip for any EWB project, the implementation trip.


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