Misuuni, Kenya

The Need: Potable Water

Like the millions of people in Sub-Sahara Africa without adequate water supply, people in the village of Misuuni struggle on a daily basis to meet their basic needs. The burden of hauling water – water often laden with illness-causing contaminants – falls to women and children who may spend nearly half their day with this job. The time spent hauling water detracts from the time women could be performing income-generating work and puts them at increased risk of assault. The time children spend hauling water detracts from the time they could spend in school. The rates of water-borne illness are high.

Children haul water from a surface impoundment to their homes. Supply is unsanitary and can dry up for part of the year (Jan. 2017, EWB-NY)
Children at the Misuuni Primary School line up for drinking water. The supply is insufficient and unsanitary. (Jan. 2017, EWB-NY)















Current Status

Assessment Trip (complete)

  • Hydrogeological Study (complete)
  • Alternatives Analysis (underway)
  • Design for school rainwater harvesting improvements (underway)

How You Can Help

The Misuuni team is currently in search of people with the following skills:

  • Web & IT support
  • Marketing and fundraising
  • CAD operator
  • Agronomics expert with East Africa experience

To join the lead for the Misuuni group, email