What’s In My Backyard?

Mira Armstrong and the Community Engineering Corps (CEC) team visited Jackson Forest Community Garden this month to meet with community representatives and perform additional surveys. The team surveyed and laid out the proposed pathway to confirm design elevations and convey its dimensions to community representatives. They also dug test pits to evaluate subsurface conditions and tested some solar lighting equipment for future installation.

The team presented their work in “What’s in my backyard”, a talk describing the journey from seeking out local partners to working with a community garden, and setting a precedent for EWB chapters in New York to take on much-needed local work in the vast network of community gardens throughout the city. The session included a Q&A afterwards, where audience members from other states discussed their domestic project histories and Priscilla Harris, a representative from the Jackson Forest Community Garden, spoke on the need for EWB’s involvement.

For more information or to get involved, reach out to CEC lead Mira Armstrong by emailing her at community@ewbny.org.

Engineers Without Borders - New York Professionals Chapter is a non-profit dedicated to bringing engineering solutions to global problems of basic need. From bringing clean water to those who need it, to providing public health education, we are dedicated to stewarding the technology necessary for thriving communities throughout the world.

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