Cristina Charity Run

On Sept. 30th, Cristina ran the NB Bronx 10-miles Run as a fundraiser for EWB-NY raising over $2,000 from friends and family (thank you Donors!) and matching that donation with an additional personal donation of $10 per minutes ran!!  We cherish her accomplishment in completing the race in 1 hour and 36 minutes!  Great job!

To all EWB-NY runners, bikers and hikers:  if you attach an EWB-NY fundraiser event to one of your next events, you will receive the EWB-NY running shirt for FREE. What are you waiting for!!  For all other members, t-shirts will be for sale for $20. Inquire with the Fundraising Committee about it.

Engineers Without Borders - New York Professionals Chapter is a non-profit dedicated to bringing engineering solutions to global problems of basic need. From bringing clean water to those who need it, to providing public health education, we are dedicated to stewarding the technology necessary for thriving communities throughout the world.

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